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Maple Leaf Globe

It's been a year since I launched this website, so here's a picture in celebration. I've added 77 more images in the past year, 7 of which were new designs, for a current total of 120 images available for screen wallpaper and prints. This is my fall version of the seasonal globe idea.


A fallen leaf reflects the tree it came from.

Autumn Guardian

Here in South Carolina my maple tree won't look like this for another month, but this is a sight I've seen many times in previous autumns - a bright red male cardinal in a yellow maple. The cardinals are often the first birds to show up when I refill the bird feeder.

Butterfly Globe

This is my third version of the seasonal globe idea. Even though it's officially fall now, it still feels like summer, and there are lots of butterflies around.

Firefly Globe

Even the longest day of the year eventually turns to dusk, and the fireflies come out.