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Butterfly Globe

This is my third version of the seasonal globe idea. Even though it's officially fall now, it still feels like summer, and there are lots of butterflies around.

Firefly Globe

Even the longest day of the year eventually turns to dusk, and the fireflies come out.

Cherry Blossom Globe

A while ago I had the idea of a “snow” globe with different seasons, and I finally got the spring version realized. I hope to do the other seasons as well.

This was my first time working with Vue's EcoParticle technology. It allows for objects, in this case cherry blossoms, to be scattered through the air. It's primarily for animations, but by choosing a point several seconds into the scattering I was able to get a nice still version.

Golden Jubilee

This is a rework of my earlier picture, Purple Jubilee with a different color scheme. I don't actually care much for yellow myself, but I try to branch out and use all colors on occasion. I know some people really like yellow and blue together …

Cherry Tree Concerto

Concerto: a composition for one or more principal instruments, with orchestral accompaniment.

This was actually inspired by an Easter picture I saw, but it took me about 6 months to finish it.