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Lake Nojiri

A photograph showing just a glimpse of the mountain lake through snow-covered fir trees. This landscape picture is digitally manipulated to look like a watercolor. Lake Nojiri is a glacial lake in the Japanese Alps. It is a popular resort summer and winter, and the 1998 Winter Olympics were held in nearby Nagano and the surrounding ski slopes. Though the climate is temperate and the lake rarely freezes over, the mountains are usually covered with several feet of snow in the winter.
October 1, 2015
Originally created December 21, 2010

Lake Nojiri near Nagano, Japan. This is where my family used to go on vacation in the summer and sometimes winter, and I took this picture there, probably around Christmas of 2000. Although it wasn't cold enough to form much ice on the lake, because it was in the Japanese Alps there was usually a lot of snow in the winter.

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